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Non Destructive Entry

Vehicle Locksmith Services

Here at Peak Locksmiths we pride ourselves in being able to help where others often cannot.

Car opening
Long gone are the days of sticking a wire coat hanger through a door to open a vehicle. With today's air bag systems this process not only can turn out a very expensive exorcise but also a dangerous one. With deadlocking and alarm systems disabling a vehicle resulting in main dealer intervention there are a lot of pitfalls for the amateur 'opener'. Indeed on a deadlocked vehicle none of the interior door handles or locks will open the vehicle rendering the old wire trick useless. On some high end vehicles even the vehicle rescue services have to call the main dealer out to open a vehicle. Peak locksmiths pride ourselves in a non destructive entry of any vehicle from a tractor to a Ferrari, a plane to a boat. We have many different methods to open a vehicle whether it is deadlocked or not.

Lost car keys
Peak locksmiths can in most cases originate new keys to replace lost or stolen ones. Many of today's vehicles have a coded key. This means the key has a chip or micro radio transmitter hidden in the plastic part. These come pre-programmed with a new car from factory and you never need to know what's in there unless something goes wrong. If a chipped key turns faulty or gets lost it can be a very expensive exercise for you. Usually the main dealer has to be contacted and often the car recovered to them. Sometimes a new key set can take weeks to get sorted out by main dealer.

At Peak Locksmiths we can offer a replacement key service for most vehicles on the road today, this includes the chipped key versions. We do this where your car stands without you needing to have it recovered.

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